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Revel Ride

This summer is the summer of new fitness spots in Avalon! 

The popular Philadelphia-based cycling studio, Revel Ride, has opened another location right here in Avalon. Whether the new location serves as a rider's 'vacation' or 'home' studio, they can continue to drench themselves into 45 minutes of cardio passion on a cycling bike.

For those unfamiliar to Revel Ride, the studio features a collection of Stages SC3 bikes, which Revel Ride prides themselves in being truly state-of-the-art. The Stages SC3 is designed with both the typical indoor and typical outdoor rider in mind. The bike offers a variety of technological aspects to encourage riders, including displays so each rider can see their performance, sprint shifts which allows the rider to shift from one gear to another, and Pearl Izumi spin shoes, which every rider receives upon attending a class. 

Revel Ride in Avalon will offer 3 types of class: Rhythm, Power, and Ride.

Revel in the Rhythm classes focus on choreography and encourages riders to move in unison to the beats of the music. 

Revel in the Power classes focus on speed. If you're a rider who is driven by numbers such as RPM's and watts, a Power class is the one for you.  

And for those new to Revel Ride, or new to indoor spin classes in general, Revel in the Ride classes focus on a fun, full-body workout that will leave you toned and covered in sweat. Ride classes are a hybrid that appeals to riders at any level- from beginner to expert. 

Contact Information: 

Revel Ride Avalon
271 21st Street