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Uncle Bill's Pancake House

What's better than starting your weekend with a stack of chocolate chip pancakes and a hot cup of coffee? Nothing! Especially during these chilly winter months. For Avalon there is something special about every season of the year, including the dining opportunities available for residents and visitors alike. And the sweet smell of pancakes remains constant on 32nd Street and Dune Drive as Uncle Bill's Pancake House is open year-round.

Stand alongside vacationers in the summer waiting for that open booth, or join the family during the winter and greet the locals that are there on a regular basis for their morning cup of coffee and scrambled eggs. Enjoy delicious weekly specials and lunch options with an extensive menu catering to every age, diet fad and pumpkin spice lover.

So start your weekend with a stack of pancakes and have your pick with more than 15 flavors, or go for the famous cheesy omelet option, or the Eggs Benedict...we're getting ahead of ourselves. Just enjoy breakfast and enjoy it year-roun at Uncle BIll's Pancake House!

Contact Information: 

Uncle Bill's Pancake House
3189 Dune Drive, Avalon
304 96th Street, Stone Harbor