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COVID Vaccine FAQ's

The Borough of Avalon is providing this information in an attempt to help you weave through the challenging process of getting a coronavirus vaccine.  Please remember that even though Avalon Community Hall is a vaccination center, the Borough and the Avalon Chamber of Commerce are not involved in the process of scheduling nor administrating the vaccines.  This is a State of New Jersey program administered by the Cape May County Department of Health, thank you!

Updated vaccination/case numbers: 

As of Wednesday, February 10th, 2021, 6,275 vaccinations have been provided at Avalon Community Hall by the Cape May County Department of Health.  There have been 16,659 total vaccinations administered in Cape May County.  There have been 6,275 cases of the virus in Cape May County during the pandemic, along with 174 deaths.

How do I register for a vaccine?  

There are only two ways to do so, and both are through the State of New Jersey.  You may visit which is the State’s official coronavirus website.  Or, you may call 855-568-0545.  Those are the only two means in which to register to get a vaccine through the State of New Jersey.  In many cases, appointments are not immediately made.

Vaccine Call Center Information

Can I choose my vaccination location?  

Anyone who registers on the State’s vaccination website can choose any location that has open slots.

Should I expect to get my second followup shot at the same location where I received my first shot?  

Yes.  You will get an appointment for your second shot when your first shot is administered.

There are other vaccination locations (ShopRite, etc.)  How do I sign up for my shots there?  

Currently, ShopRite supermarkets and soon, other private locations including retail and pharmacies, will offer vaccinations at their locations.  This is independent of the State and County system, and they utilize their own appointment system.

When will everyone have received a vaccine?  

The State of New Jersey wants to reach a 70 percent vaccination goal–or 4.7 million residents-within six months of the vaccination program.

What type of shots are being administered in Avalon Community Hall?  

Moderna.  According to the Centers for Disease Control and prevention, they are to be administered 28 days apart.

Who gets vaccinated first?  

Healthcare personnel were the first individuals to receive vaccines.  They are classified as 1A.  Next, long term care residents and staff are vaccinated, also part of phase 1A.  Next, first responders, which include police, firefighters, and rescue personnel, they are classified as 1B.  And then, individuals at high risk, who are classified as individuals aged 65 and older, or ages 16-64 with medical conditions as defined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  The conditions as classified include, but are not limited to, cancer, COPD, heart conditions, smoking, and severe obesity.

Can I speak with someone for additional questions?  

Yes.  The Cape May County Department of Health has established a hotline where additional questions can be asked.  The hotline number is 609-463-6581.  Please remember, only the State can schedule you for an appointment administered by the Cape May County Department of Health.